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5 things you can do RIGHT NOW for a smoother pregnancy and delivery

5 things you can do RIGHT NOW for a smooth pregnancy and delivery
(and 3 ways to do them on a budget!)

I can say with great confidence that many things I did during pregnancy helped me towards my goal of having a smooth, happy (and relatively fast) labor and delivery.

There are things you can do for your body and things for your mind.

***  I realize many will likely think  ”this is fine and dandy for those who can afford such luxuries. But we’re on a budget and it’s not possible.”   This was my initial thought during my first pregnancy too.
Read on, I give a couple of great tips to help you enjoy these practices, even if you think you cannot afford to do them.   We can do it, there is a will and there is a way :)

Here are my top 5:

1) Yoga:
Yoga is a fantastic way to prep for natural/normal delivery. The practice helps stretch certain muscles that we’ll be using during labor. Actually, I believe I used EVERY muscle during labor :)













2) Chiropractic:
I really credit much of my happy pregnancy to chiropractic. Especially during the final trimester. Getting adjusted helps the nerves flow freely to different parts of the body and organs. It feels great to get adjusted, but even MORE so during pregnancy. Towards the end, I was getting adjusted 3 times a week.













3) Massage:
This might be an obvious one. Massage not only relaxed your mind, it loosens any tension you may have in your body. What an ideal way to relieve any stress or unsuspecting tension, even DURING labor!



















4) Meditation:
This means anything any cliché we can picture in our minds of people meditating: from sitting all alone on top of a hill, eyes closed to simply sitting in bed, breathing deeply, and perhaps visualizing your perfect birth. It doesn’t matter how you do it, as long as you give your mind a break from the stress and craziness of life. Breath is the most important here.














5) Clean Food:
What is clean food?  Well, I believe it’s food that doesn’t come in packages.  Just real food in it’s most natural state. Because I’m vegetarian, people often wonder if I get what I need, especially during pregnancy!  Of course, the answer is YES.  All blood work and tests were so perfect, I couldn’t have asked for anything better.  Clean food will help you feel vibrant, alive and FULL of energy for the big day :)






















We realize yoga, chiropractic and massage can be expensive habits, and perhaps not everyone feels they can practice as much as this.

If your goal/plan is to have a smooth, natural delivery, most woman who’ve done these steps will tell you, they really do help.
Because of this, I’m going to tell you, there are a couple of creative ways to afford these important steps during pregnancy.

1) Have a look at what you’re currently spending on, eliminate something you are doing that might be able to wait until after you deliver.

2) Just go as much as you can.  For example, a yoga class is usually around $15.  Start out once a week (that’s $15 a week), and see how you feel and if you can include an extra session here and there.
As for Chiropractic, I really feel that getting adjusted at least once a month is better than not going at all.  Meditation can be enjoyed free of charge, either in the comfort of your home or outside.   Contrary to what some might think, healthy eating isn’t expensive.  If you actually add us costs of packaged, processed food, THAT’s expensive.  And the cost to your health is unmeasurable.
So, see what you can do.

3)  Trading services for services (this is what I did personally).   We all have talents and abilities. If you’re great at web programming, offer to make a webpage for your yoga instructor or massage therapist in exchange for weekly massage/yoga!
If you’re a piano instructor, offer to give your chiropractor’s children piano lessons in exchange for regular adjustments.
Be creative!!!   You get the idea.

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  1. Galina Dubrov July 18, 2013

    Just like everything else in this world if you are ready for something it will be much easier to deal with obstacles that are in your way. Same thing goes with pregnancy and delivery. IF you get your body ready mentally and physically for the event you will be able to cope much better than someone who didn’t.

    Good Luck everyone and great article!

    • Margaux July 20, 2013

      Thank you, Galina :)

      Well said also.
      ~ Margaux


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