5 Reasons to Love LEGO Again

5 Reasons to Love LEGO Again

Did you hear? Lego is going green.










If you don’t think this will make a difference in this lifetime, think again.

The company made 60 billion lego pieces last year alone.










Via CityNews.ca

A great bonus to this is over 100 new employees will be added to work on this project.

Lego has a record of aiming for sustainability and eco-friendliness…

Here are 5 reasons to love Lego all over again (especially if you are an Eco-Warrior :)):

1.  They partnered with the World Wildlife Federation, helping to create more sustainable

2.  They’ve invested in wind power.

3.  They even ended a fifty year long relationship with Shell gas. This was due to Shell’s
part in drilling in our oceans….Lego took charge and didn’t want to have anything to
do with it.









4. Their packaging has already been cut down in size…and has reduced their carbon footprint

5.  They are working to create a plastic replacement. A material that’s more eco-friendly.
In fact, they plan to invest 150 million dollars over 15 years to make their packaging
more sustainable and their plastic blocks better for the environment.

A great reason to fall in love with LEGO all over again :)




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