10 Things You Need To Know About Body Odor

10 Things You Need To Know About Body Odor

Here are 10 things you need to know about body odour. 








  1. What we eat and drink affects our body odour.
  2. Our sweat is supposed to be odourless.  It’s true!
  3. What we eat and drink can contribute to body odour
  4. In most studies conducted it was found that food and meals
    containing chilli, fish, red meat, onion, garlic, pepper, vinegar,
    cheese, cabbage, radish, (dairy) milk products, and fish
    were culprits.
  5. Drinks with caffeine or alcohol may also cause you to sweat
    (and smell) more.
  6. Eating a clean, healthy, mostly plant-based diet will help
    improve body odor
  7. Avoid Anti-perspirants:  they block our sweat glands.  Which
    may prevent odor temporarily, but the body NEEDS to sweat.
    We don’t want all that staying inside of us.  As a result, we
    become dependant on the product and if we stop using it,
    we sweat and stink more.
  8. Toxins in our body (from food, water and the environment) can
    affect our body odour.  These changes the bacteria in our the
    body and our sweat.
  9. Do not use antibacterial soaps!  This might work to get rid of
    odour at first, but your body will increasingly need more and
    more to stop the stink.
  10. Ingredients such as coconut oil (antibacterial) and baking soda (absorbs odor) are fantastic.   Make sure they are in your deodorant



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