9 Reasons To Choose Local Over Organic

9 Reasons To Choose Local Over Organic

9 Reasons to choose LOCAL over ORGANIC 
(when only one option is available)














We buy and eat organic as much as possible, and whenever it’s available (and

The issue with buying organic is:
1) it’s not always available
2) it’s not always affordable (for most families)

A couple of points on the topic of price.  Yes, buying organic food can be pricey.
First, we try to think about how buysin healthy, organic food will save our
family in future medical bills (and worry).

Also, we’re happy to say prices ARE slowly going down, in general.   This is
because more and more people are choosing organic.  People like you who “vote”
with your wallets.

Each and every time we buy something we cast a ‘vote’ that tell the companies
what we want.  The more people buying organic the better.

That means this message, should be shared.  Over and over.  People
need to read why it’s important to buy local and support local.  

The more it’s shared with others, the cheaper the good quality, organic products
and food will be for YOU and your family.
(To learn why eating non-organic can actually be harmful, read more HERE)

The info in this article is for when the item/food you’re buying isn’t available
BOTH local and Organic.  If it’s just not possible to choose both, then I would
encourage you to go for LOCAL!


It’s important to buy local whenever possible.
Our family started on the “local” bandwagon a few years ago.  Since then, we enjoy
our food more.  We really do.  Not only does it taste better, it’s better all around
for everyone involved.

Here are 9 reasons why.

Buying local means:

1.  Local food is fresher, therefore more nutrient dense. (More nutritious for you… )
The shorter distance your fruit or vegetable has to travel, the longer it will ripen on
the tree, therefore the more nutrients it will keep.
When our food comes from the
other side of the world (or or even the country), it might have been picked before it’s
ripe. Often, farmers use chemicals to ripen the fruit or veggie faster. That’s gross.
Just think, on the other hand, if the food you buy (say at a local farmer’s market) is
picked within 12 to 48 hours before you purchase it, you get the most nutrients and
health benefits possible.

2.   Buying local supports the local community & the economy
It helps keep local
farms in business. When we buy local, we give farms an economic reason to stay
open and undeveloped.

3.   Environmentally speaking, it’s much better! When you buy local, the fruit,
veggie (or other) has a much shorter distance to travel. Transportation by airplane,
train, truck, boat or bus has a very negative effect on the planet.
4.   Less packaging is needed. Food from abroad is packaged and sealed to protect it.
Often, when you buy local, it’s simply wrapped in a paper or reusable bag.
5.   When we eat local food, we are “in touch” with the seasons. That means we get foods
that are most abundant, least expensive and taste great.

6.   It creates a great story to actually KNOW the farmer or farm who grows and makes
your food :) It’s so nice to know the person who milks your goat for milk or grows your
kale. Or even owns the local apple orchard :) 
Often, you can visit the farm and SHOW
your children where their food comes from.

7.   When our food has less distance to travel, it is less likely to be contaminated. Most
recalls happen with imported food.

8.   The farmer is free to try small crops of various fruits and vegetables, when they
are producing food that does not have to travel a long way. Local food can mean more
variety for you :)  And local foods taste better too!

9.   Your food product reaches you with minimal amount of handling & packaging
which usually makes it cheaper to purchase.

There you have it!   If I haven’t convinced you that shopping LOCAL is important,
then what else can be done?  Am I missing something on this list?  Add it please!

Questions?  Ask away!

Margaux and the Naturally Down To Earth Family

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