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5 things you can do RIGHT NOW for a smoother pregnancy and delivery

5 things you can do RIGHT NOW for a smooth pregnancy and delivery (and 3 ways to do them on a budget!) I can say with great confidence that many things I did during pregnancy helped me towards my goal of having a smooth, happy (and relatively fast) labor and delivery. There are things you [...]

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Is This What It Will Take For You To Stop Today?

What do we value more… smoking or our kids lives? If you’re a parent and you smoke, do your actions speak louder than words. 1. You are putting yourself (your child’s caregiver and financial support) at risk. 2. You are putting them at risk for all sorts of diseases and health problems. 3. You are [...]

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Time To REALLY heal and get Fit

This is interesting: – Number of medical schools in the U.S.: 125 – Of those, only 30 requiring a course in nutrition: – The average U.S. physician receives only 2.5 hours of nutritional training during four years in medical school. I believe there are about 17 in Canada, only a few require a course in [...]

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