10 Reasons Why We Are Building An EarthShip Home (Photos)


So, I get it.  If you are like I used to be,  you hear “sustainable living” or “off-the-grid” and you picture a community of people living together without the comforts of ‘modern day’ amenities. What if I told you that there is a type of home that’s cheap to build, cheap to maintain, a home that provides all the free food ... Read More »

5 Reasons to Love LEGO Again


Did you hear? Lego is going green.                 If you don’t think this will make a difference in this lifetime, think again. The company made 60 billion lego pieces last year alone.                 Via A great bonus to this is over 100 new employees will ... Read More »

Giraffe’s Big Idea


                      One month two weeks, and three days from now Giraffe met a Turtle, Don’t ask me how Giraffe had ideas, Kept in a box. Ideas that were great! And some that were not. Turtle had walked across China Along a tall burm. She’d walked through Alaska Just so she ... Read More »

We’re here. And we couldn’t be happier


Well. We’re in Costa Rica. Let me tell you how it happened.                       ~~~~~~   We wanted to love Mexico. We really did. And since we cannot/should not generalize and judge an entire country based on our experience in one city, I’ll specifically talk about OUR experience and the city ... Read More »

Mexico, here we come!


2 kids, 3 dogs, 8 bags and a partridge in a pear tree             Well, we’re off!   We left Fredericton at 5am for our 6am flight.  Our bodies are here, at the airport, but our minds are still in bed….maybe it’s because of the 4 hour ‘sleep’ we got last night, or maybe it’s ... Read More »

4 Toxic Chemicals This Study Found In Our Halloween Costumes


It’s that time of year again…orange and black adorn most retail outlets, spiders, witches, skeletons and goblins adorn many neighboring doorways, windows and lawns. Halloween is a fun tradition that many of us enjoy. Most parents are aware of the toxins found in candy and the ‘treats’ collected by their precious wee ones. But what about those scary costumes? What ... Read More »

Would you believe what’s in these popsicles?


I have so many fantastic childhood memories.   Decorating our freshly picked Christmas tree, our yearly trips to Prince Edward Island, and of course biking, the beach, and everything that has to do with summer…including lots of popsicles! Whenever we heard that cute little tune coming from the ice cream cart or “dicky dee”, we’d drop whatever we were doing,  grab some pocket change ... Read More »

Sunscreen Can Be More Deadly Than The Sun Itself


Wearing Sunscreen Like I said in a previous article, I am going to challenge some things that we’ve believed for far too long.   Wearing sunscreen will be one of those things.  It’s perhaps one of the more controversial topics I’ve discussed (but perhaps not as controversial as this topic ) Read More »

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