10 Reasons Why We Are Building An EarthShip Home (Photos)


So, I get it.  If you are like I used to be,  you hear “sustainable living” or “off-the-grid” and you picture a community of people living together without the comforts of ‘modern day’ amenities. What if I told you that there is a type of home that’s cheap to build, cheap to maintain, a home that provides all the free food ... Read More »

It’s time for me to come out and tell you the truth.

Looking back

So, I mentioned there would be an announcement?  Well, here it is! I AM WRITING A BOOK. That’s right.  I am now well into it and very excited to bring it to fruition. This book is a MUCH-NEEDED guide that will help parents-to-be understand what to really expect. Have you ever felt the urge, deep within your gut, to do something? ... Read More »

Even Polio is No Match for this Vitamin in High Doses

For most of us, hearing the following words invoke fear and a sense of vulnerability:  Polio, Hepatitis, Mumps, Measles, Herpes etc. This information needs to be shared ***   The researchers and their findings In the 1930′s Dr Jungeblut proved vitamin C (ascorbic acid) would inactivate the polio virus in vitro. Then M. Holden followed suit, showing the same with ... Read More »

Having a Bad Day? This Will Help!

Ever just wake up and feel like… you know… CRAP. You don’t want to smile, you hate the world, everyone is an idiot, noting makes you laugh and no one can do anything right.  If you go out for lunch and it is perfect, you will still find something wrong with it.  Let me tell you a little secret… WE ... Read More »

Valedictorian – On Why The School System Isn’t Ideal

This video is a little longer, but well worth it.  It is one of the best valedictorian speeches we’ve heard. I wonder what prompted her to speak her mind? Perhaps she was thinking that she’s now graduated and not much anyone can do about it Come on, let’s be honest, didn’t we all study for tests by memorizing the material? ... Read More »

Time To REALLY heal and get Fit

This is interesting: - Number of medical schools in the U.S.: 125 - Of those, only 30 requiring a course in nutrition: - The average U.S. physician receives only 2.5 hours of nutritional training during four years in medical school. I believe there are about 17 in Canada, only a few require a course in nutrition and still 2.5 hours ... Read More »

Tough Farmer vs Deodorant

How Ironic Today Has Been… Have you ever had one of those days where you were not going to  do something, but did anyways and it was WAY more amazing that  you ever thought?    - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - ... Read More »

mmm num, num…cow?

Today I was reading as usual to our son Maddox. We have a book full of ‘first words’.  Every time we go over an item that can be eaten, I say “mmm, food, num, num”. Here’s how it went today: We turned to the page with blueberries, I said “mmm, num, num”, big smiles from Maddox as he said “num,num”. ... Read More »

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