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We’re here. And we couldn’t be happier


Well. We’re in Costa Rica. Let me tell you how it happened.                       ~~~~~~   We wanted to love Mexico. We really did. And since we cannot/should not generalize and judge an entire country based on our experience in one city, I’ll specifically talk about OUR experience and the city ... Read More »

7 Ways To Stay Healthy, Strong And Illness-Free This Winter


7 ways to stay healthy, strong and illness-free this winter                 With fall and winter comes the infamous ‘cold and flu season’. This does not have to be reality for you or your family.  It really all comes down to maintaining a strong, healthy immune system. So, how do we achieve (and maintain) ... Read More »

How Safe is Homebirth?

In the mirror

  How Safe is Homebirth? by Yolande Clark                 “Birth is as safe as life gets”–Harriet Hartigan Becoming a parent is one of the most significant life events, and from the moment of conception, every mother is preoccupied with providing the very best for her child. Birth itself is no exception. The birth ... Read More »

Do we really need to treat fevers?

Baby Blue Eye

By Dr. Tanya Wylde, Naturopathic Doctor Fevers often occur with colds and flus and all too often parent’s worry about and treat a fever unnecessarily according to research, since fever is the body’s natural response to deal with an infection. Some doctors and researchers call it “fever phobia.” 1,2               When a child has a fever ... Read More »

6 Part Series on Circumcision In Psychology Today

When we receive messages on circumcision, we usually stop everything else, read them and try to answer to the best of our knowledge. Here are some typical questions we may receive: “Help!   We are expecting our baby boy in a few weeks, and we have not yet decided if we’ll be circumcision him or not.  In my heart I ... Read More »

Valedictorian – On Why The School System Isn’t Ideal

This video is a little longer, but well worth it.  It is one of the best valedictorian speeches we’ve heard. I wonder what prompted her to speak her mind? Perhaps she was thinking that she’s now graduated and not much anyone can do about it Come on, let’s be honest, didn’t we all study for tests by memorizing the material? ... Read More »

How ONE Word Could Save Your Child’s Life.

Wow, this is scary! Recently, in Roland Iowa, a young boy was approached by a man driving a red pickup truck.  As the man rolled down his window he told the boy that his mother had asked him to come pick him up. The young boy found this odd considering he didn’t know the man and he only lived one ... Read More »

Time To REALLY heal and get Fit

This is interesting: - Number of medical schools in the U.S.: 125 - Of those, only 30 requiring a course in nutrition: - The average U.S. physician receives only 2.5 hours of nutritional training during four years in medical school. I believe there are about 17 in Canada, only a few require a course in nutrition and still 2.5 hours ... Read More »

mmm num, num…cow?

Today I was reading as usual to our son Maddox. We have a book full of ‘first words’.  Every time we go over an item that can be eaten, I say “mmm, food, num, num”. Here’s how it went today: We turned to the page with blueberries, I said “mmm, num, num”, big smiles from Maddox as he said “num,num”. ... Read More »

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