Top 5 Tips for Homebirth Dads

Looking back

  I birth our son Maddox, our firstborn, in our hometown’s hospital. I’ve always thought back to how perfect it was: bringing my son into the world, hospital staff just standing back, letting me ‘do my thing’. It was an un-medicated 7 hour birth. I’ve always looked back so fondly on the experience.  That is,  until I had my daughter at home, surrounded by ... Read More »

How Safe is Homebirth?

In the mirror

  How Safe is Homebirth? by Yolande Clark                 “Birth is as safe as life gets”–Harriet Hartigan Becoming a parent is one of the most significant life events, and from the moment of conception, every mother is preoccupied with providing the very best for her child. Birth itself is no exception. The birth ... Read More »

Do we really need to treat fevers?

Baby Blue Eye

By Dr. Tanya Wylde, Naturopathic Doctor Fevers often occur with colds and flus and all too often parent’s worry about and treat a fever unnecessarily according to research, since fever is the body’s natural response to deal with an infection. Some doctors and researchers call it “fever phobia.” 1,2               When a child has a fever ... Read More »

It’s time for me to come out and tell you the truth.

Looking back

So, I mentioned there would be an announcement?  Well, here it is! I AM WRITING A BOOK. That’s right.  I am now well into it and very excited to bring it to fruition. This book is a MUCH-NEEDED guide that will help parents-to-be understand what to really expect. Have you ever felt the urge, deep within your gut, to do something? ... Read More »

Does Attachment Parenting Make Me Selfish?

Fatherhood, By Robert Scoble

Does Attachment Parenting make me selfish? My sweet baby boy cut his third tooth a few days ago. He started on solid (if you consider mushed avocado and breastmilk “solid”. I call it his “milkamole”) food this week. He can not only crawl around the house faster than a speeding bullet, but he can now pull himself up to stand, and ... Read More »

The Joys Of Co-sleeping. By an AP Single Mom

Ah, co-sleeping: the art of catching Z’s while simultaneously engaged in a one-sided boxing match with the cutest lightweight you know. Co-sleeping has many actual, scientifically proven benefits, such as: – a lower risk of SIDS – better heart rate – breathing patterns for infants –  aids in milk production for newly lactating moms, –  and maternal/paternal bonding out the wazoo. ... Read More »

6 Part Series on Circumcision In Psychology Today

When we receive messages on circumcision, we usually stop everything else, read them and try to answer to the best of our knowledge. Here are some typical questions we may receive: “Help!   We are expecting our baby boy in a few weeks, and we have not yet decided if we’ll be circumcision him or not.  In my heart I ... Read More »

“Human Milk” is now being produced by Genetically Modified Cows.

You’ve GOT to be kidding me. We would never give our babies or children regular, (non-GMO) cow’s milk. So, why the heck would we even consider this new human milk-like stuff? Basically, what this says to me, is that they are admitting that human milk is indeed far superior for HUMANS.  That’s the only reason I can think of for ... Read More »

Valedictorian – On Why The School System Isn’t Ideal

This video is a little longer, but well worth it.  It is one of the best valedictorian speeches we’ve heard. I wonder what prompted her to speak her mind? Perhaps she was thinking that she’s now graduated and not much anyone can do about it Come on, let’s be honest, didn’t we all study for tests by memorizing the material? ... Read More »

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