How Safe is Homebirth?

In the mirror

  How Safe is Homebirth? by Yolande Clark                 “Birth is as safe as life gets”–Harriet Hartigan Becoming a parent is one of the most significant life events, and from the moment of conception, every mother is preoccupied with providing the very best for her child. Birth itself is no exception. The birth ... Read More »

It’s time for me to come out and tell you the truth.

Looking back

So, I mentioned there would be an announcement?  Well, here it is! I AM WRITING A BOOK. That’s right.  I am now well into it and very excited to bring it to fruition. This book is a MUCH-NEEDED guide that will help parents-to-be understand what to really expect. Have you ever felt the urge, deep within your gut, to do something? ... Read More »

6 Part Series on Circumcision In Psychology Today

When we receive messages on circumcision, we usually stop everything else, read them and try to answer to the best of our knowledge. Here are some typical questions we may receive: “Help!   We are expecting our baby boy in a few weeks, and we have not yet decided if we’ll be circumcision him or not.  In my heart I ... Read More »

Time To REALLY heal and get Fit

This is interesting: - Number of medical schools in the U.S.: 125 - Of those, only 30 requiring a course in nutrition: - The average U.S. physician receives only 2.5 hours of nutritional training during four years in medical school. I believe there are about 17 in Canada, only a few require a course in nutrition and still 2.5 hours ... Read More »

I circumcised my son, are you going to unfollow me now?

Awhile back, one of my twitter followers, after having a discussion about something totally unrelated, tweeted: I circumcised my son, are you going to unfollow me now?    I’m a very vocal intactivist. Most people know, when they follow me on social media, I’m going to talk about circumcision.                       ... Read More »

The Circumcision Decision – A Mother’s story

Mom's Warmth

Meet Karen: Hi Everyone! I am a member of the Naturally Down To Earth Community.  I am one of those people who normally just reads the posts, “likes” it, and moves on. Just the other day, however, I made note of a post that truly hit home – the circumcision decision.   My family and I, (myself – Karen, husband ... Read More »

My husband ate poop.

mmm, is that butterscotch?   I’m sure every dad or mom knows the sweet smell and look of baby poo.  Am I right? We’ve all had it on us at some point during the first and 12th month of our child’s life. The other day, Josh, my husband and loving father to Maddox actually ate some.  Not on purpose, just ... Read More »

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