Toxic Free Toys

5 Reasons to Love LEGO Again


Did you hear? Lego is going green.                 If you don’t think this will make a difference in this lifetime, think again. The company made 60 billion lego pieces last year alone.                 Via A great bonus to this is over 100 new employees will ... Read More »

4 Toxic Chemicals This Study Found In Our Halloween Costumes


It’s that time of year again…orange and black adorn most retail outlets, spiders, witches, skeletons and goblins adorn many neighboring doorways, windows and lawns. Halloween is a fun tradition that many of us enjoy. Most parents are aware of the toxins found in candy and the ‘treats’ collected by their precious wee ones. But what about those scary costumes? What ... Read More »

Time To REALLY heal and get Fit

This is interesting: - Number of medical schools in the U.S.: 125 - Of those, only 30 requiring a course in nutrition: - The average U.S. physician receives only 2.5 hours of nutritional training during four years in medical school. I believe there are about 17 in Canada, only a few require a course in nutrition and still 2.5 hours ... Read More »

Is Arbonne Toxic or Is Arbonne Safe?


Oh, Arbonne… How I’d love to love you, but just can’t. If I had a penny for every time someone asks me if Arbonne is safe…well, I’d have many pennies. I always give my honest answer or opinion. If I had a penny for every time someone wrote back in Arbonne’s defense saying something like “You’re wrong. Arbonne is a ... Read More »

Toxin FORMAMIDE found in your child’s EVA foam mats.

Why be concerned? I was recently reminded by a friend that we cannot trust anyone else to take care of our health nor the health of our children.   This couldn’t be more true. We’ve personally seen example after example how big companies and corporations make products geared for our children that are not only ‘unsafe’, but downright harmful to ... Read More »

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