Having a Bad Day? This Will Help!

Ever just wake up and feel like… you know… CRAP. You don’t want to smile, you hate the world, everyone is an idiot, noting makes you laugh and no one can do anything right.  If you go out for lunch and it is perfect, you will still find something wrong with it.  Let me tell you a little secret… WE ... Read More »

Valedictorian – On Why The School System Isn’t Ideal

This video is a little longer, but well worth it.  It is one of the best valedictorian speeches we’ve heard. I wonder what prompted her to speak her mind? Perhaps she was thinking that she’s now graduated and not much anyone can do about it Come on, let’s be honest, didn’t we all study for tests by memorizing the material? ... Read More »

Is This What It Will Take For You To Stop Today?

What do we value more… smoking or our children’s lives? Do you believe our actions, as parents, speak louder than words? If you’re a parent and you smoke, think about this for a moment.  What will you do the day your child asks you to try a cigarette or take a puff?   They’ll either ask you or do it ... Read More »

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