Coca-Cola facing huge lawsuit over alleged false claims for VitaminWater

(NaturalNews) For years, the Coca-Cola Company has been deceptively marketing its
vitaminwater” beverage brand as a healthy alternative to plain water and sugary soda
beverages, making outlandish claims that the drink can help boost immunity and even
help people fight eye disease. But now the beverage giant is facing a monstrous class-action
lawsuit over this marketing racket, none of which is true about the sugar-laden junk food drink.




The suit, which was originally filed back in 2010 by the nonprofit health advocacy group Center
for Science in the Public Interest
 (CSPI), alleges that Coca-Cola has been engaged in what can
only be described as blatant labeling fraud. Vitaminwater’s “Power-C” flavor, for instance,
claims to deliver “zinc and vitamin C to power your immune system,” while the “XXX” flavor is branded
as containing “antioxidant vitamins to help fight free radicals and help support your body.”

Both claims are an immense exaggeration, as these two vitaminwater products are composed primarily
of water, sugar, and a handful of synthetic vitamins, which is hardly a recipe for robust immunity. And
yet this is the overall image being portrayed by Coca-Cola for its vitaminwater line of beverages, which
is really nothing more than glorified soda pop without carbonation.

“The marketing of vitaminwater will go down in history as one of the boldest and brashest attempts
ever to affix a healthy halo to what is essentially a junk food, a non-carbonated soda,” says Michael F. Jacobson,
Executive Director of CSPI. “Vitaminwater, like Coca-Cola itself, promotes weight gain, obesity, diabetes, heart
disease, and cannot deliver on any of the dishonest claims it has made over the years.”










(photo source: healthlevelup dot com)


So, there you have it. It’s amazing what good marketing can convince us of.   A good rule of thumb, any
‘fortified’ foods or ‘added’ vitamins are most often synthetic.   Just get as many nutrients from REAL food
as possible.  Supplement only in emergencies or when the food source is unavailable.

















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