It’s time for me to come out and tell you the truth.

It’s time for me to come out and tell you the truth.

So, I mentioned there would be an announcement?  Well, here it is!


That’s right.  I am now well into it and very excited to bring it to fruition.

This book is a MUCH-NEEDED guide that will help parents-to-be understand
what to really expect.

Have you ever felt the urge, deep within your gut, to do something?  Not just
something small, but something that will touch many lives and help them in a
big way?

Expecting parents deserve the truth…not the typical fear-based information on
pregnancy and child birth.
Nature has a plan, and it’s not imperfect.  We are mammals, we are primates, we
are human.  And for women, we may be birthing mothers-to-be who need to feel
empowered, not fearful.
This Guide will empower you to take control and to educate yourself on what’s
healthier, best for your baby, the natural way.









The book is titled “A Little Guide To An Easy Pregnancy and Birth”.   Here
are some of the contributing authors/
experts I’ve attracted:

Contributing Authors/experts:

Dr. Sarah Buckley ~ Obgyn, midwife. Best selling author and ultrasound
specialist. World Renowned birth expert
Ina May Gaskin ~ Co-Founder of The Farm Midwifery Clinic
Dawn Thompson ~ over 250 chapters in the US
Dr. Elliot Berlin ~ Prenatal and family wellness expert
Dr. Alyssa Berlin ~ Is a prenatal and postpartum clinical psychologist
Robin Lim ~ CNN Hero of The Year and founder of Bumi Sehat
Dr. Michel Odent ~ World renowned expert on birth, HUGELY sought after.
Writes for Mothering Magazine. Easily the most influential natural birth expert
on the planet)
Dr. Joel Kahn ~ America Healthy Heart doc
Dr. Jack Newman ~ Author and godfather of anything breastfeeding
Dr. Henrik Norholt ~ Chief science office at Ergo Baby and leading researcher
on the effects of baby wearing
And more coming soon.

~ how to have the ultimate, truly healthy pregnancy
~ nutrition for you and baby
~ smooth, natural birth
~ earliest (and best) nourishment for baby
~ circumcision
~ Placenta
~ baby-wearing (the importance of the “in-arms” stage)
~ co-sleeping
~ gentle discipline
~ early sign language for babies
~ elimination communication (or gentle infant hygiene)
~ and even living without toxins, for you and your baby.

We continue to add other authors who are truly experts in their field.
We’re thrilled to reveal The Little Guide To An Easy Pregnancy And Birth” to the world.

You can find us on facebook by clicking here and follow us on Twitter here .

Who will need this book?
~ expecting mothers who want information that will empower them.
~ expecting fathers who want to do everything possible to help the pregnant, then labouring mother
~ parents who don’t want to be led by fear.
~ birth assistants, doulas, midwives, medical doctors and other professionals who want to be exposed to a more natural holistic way to treat and help their patients.
~ new parents, existing parents, grandparents, sisters, brothers, and anyone who wants to learn what to REALLY expect….The Little Guide To An Easy Pregnancy And Birth  :)

Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 5.41.13 PM















 ”If I don’t know my options, I don’t have any.”   ~ Diana Korte

Topics/ Sections:

Section One:

Section Two:
You’re Pregnant, what to do!

Section Three:

Section Four:

Section Five:

Section Six:
Parenting Holistically

This will be a guide to refer to along your journey through pregnancy and finally meeting your baby.

I’re working with some other fantastic people (editors, book agent, PR person, publishers, etc).
The book will be everywhere: online including amazon as well as at your local bookstore!

I’m very excited to be doing such meanful work.  This will touch the lives of so many mothers.

I’d love to learn what other topics you’d’ like to see included in this book!!!
Comment below or send us a message on FB:  here



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