The Day that Changed Everything

The Day that Changed Everything

The Day That Everything Changed….early-morning-299735_640












Certain things happen for all of us that completely change the course of our

I have a memory of one such event in my life, years ago when we were living in
beautiful British Columbia.   This one is still very hard for me to talk about, but I
want to share with here with you now.

We had been living in arizona shortly before that (after leaving our old life
behind in Canada).  

So much was going on for us, we changed our business (again),  losing some
consulting clients,  getting new ones, adopting foster children (5 boys between the
ages of 10 and 16 came in and out of our house in under a year), and wanting children
of our own but having to wait for many reasons.
(Long before we started on our path to natural living, and started
making our own deodorant.)

I was having a difficult time handling it all.  I remember making an appointment
with a doctor who had recently opened his practice.  He had moved from South Africa a
couple of years prior.  I walked in to my appointment completely prepared to accept the
prescription for anti-depressant medication I knew he’d give me.   

I actually asked for it.  












I felt so low, I couldn’t breathe.  It was what everyone in my life recommended to do
and what I thought I should do.   I was finished being ashamed.

After hearing me and talking with me for 15 minutes, Dr. Seminoff took out
that  infamous prescription pad of papers and started writing.  

He tore it off, handed it to me and started to explain what he had written. He said
(in his endearing South African accent) “go to the health food store downtown.  Tell
them you need this type of probiotic and a good quality, liquid vitamin D.  Take both
every single day for 5 months.  Also, look at your cupboards and eliminate any
‘foods’ or packages, especially those that contain artificial colors and flavors. Come
back and see me after that.”

He would not be paid for this prescription.  Why was he doing this?  He really cared.
So, I had to try it.

I remember treating his protocol exactly as I would any prescription meds.
And it worked.  I felt so fortunate to be one of his patients.

Now, I’m NOT saying this protocol will work for everyone.
I’m saying it worked for me.  This is my personal experience that I’m sharing with you.

I’m saying that this is a perfect example of how in life we have many options, but if
we’re only aware of one of them, we cannot make the best decision for ourselves and
our family.
There are times when medication could be an amazing option for someone in a
situation where they cannot get the help they need.  Or they don’t have the resources at
their fingertips to do so.  etc).
I thought medication was my only choice.  Until I discovered I had another one.

With everything in life, we need to ask ourselves if there could there be another

Knowing all my choices empowers me to decide what’s the best route for myself.  
That’s one of the reasons I’m so passionate about sharing options in childbirth.  Yes,
natural birth is an option in hospital (like with my first born) but what if there is
another way?  A better way for mothers and baby?
(I’m writing about it with some of the best experts on the subject in the world.)
Getting back to my experience with this inspiring medical doctor.
Many people don’t realize that doctors prescribe medication do so on an experimental
basis.   They trust that their doctor knows what’s going on.Doctors have no idea if that
certain medication will work for a person.  They’ll even tell us, “Try it out.   If it doesn’t
work, we can try another one”.

Try going to 3 or 4 different doctors for something.  They’ll most likely prescribe 3
different medications.  
Not only that, medication is pulled off shelves and recalled all the time.
Who do you trust?   I’m deciding to trust the doctor who recommends things he does
not get paid for.
After all, pharmaceutical reps train (ahem, lie to) the doctors about medications and
how to use them.   They are being sold to and educated by the very companies that
profit from every sale of that drug.pills-14550_640

Americans are especially addicted to these narcotics.  Poly-pharmacy exists and
it’s real. 
Poly- “alternative medicine” exists as well, and that’s why we encourage people to get
all their essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals from real food as much as possible.
Foods from the colors of the rainbow, instead of buying supplements (which are often
poor quality and contain additives).

The only supplements I personally take are:  vitamin D (when I’m in Canada), a good
probiotic (but even this is better when it’s from fermented foods), and omega 3 fatty

Sadly, just a couple of years after dr.Seminoff opened his practice, the medical
association bullied him into closing it. He was clearly not meeting quotas or prescribing
much at all. 

As for his patients?
They were likely thriving.
Many, like myself, did not return to our old ways.  We got healthy.  We got smart.

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Founder and Co-owner at Naturally Down To Earth
Margaux is an alternative health and toxin free living advocate, activist, mother, Doula and consultant for stay at home mothers wanting to create their own companies. She's the founder of "The Best Deodorant In The World ( an all natural deodorant that will be featured at the Golden Globes. Her articles have become a wealth of knowledge for many people around the globe.


  1. Gail Toner-Sarty

    Hi Margaux,

    Well written…Thank you for sharing this. You seem to lead such an interesting life! I am sure that your past experiences have and will continue to help several others. I love your passion for health and I do believe that more and more people are accepting this healthy and natural way of living because of people like you. You are lovely :)


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