Giraffe’s Big Idea

Giraffe’s Big Idea













One month two weeks,
and three days from now
Giraffe met a Turtle,
Don’t ask me how

Giraffe had ideas,
Kept in a box.
Ideas that were great!
And some that were not.

Turtle had walked across China
Along a tall burm.
She’d walked through Alaska
Just so she could learn.

She’d learned about rainbows
Lakes and thick mists.
She learned what she could
And kept lots of lists.











One night in the rain
under a tree,
Giraffe had an idea,
while dreaming of bees.
Giraffe was excited.
He wanted to yell!
He picked up Turtle,
And knocked on her shell.

What is it? What’s wrong?
Is that Cousin Fred?
I’m trying to sleep,
please don’t knock on my head.

“It’s great!” Giraffe shouted.
Simple and plain!
Then he jumped up,
And danced in the rain.

“Put me down.” Turtle said,
in a calm soothing voice.
I’m wide awake now,
you gave me no choice.

The animals awoke
from all of the noise.
Giraffe kept dancing,
While keeping his poise.

Giraffe stopped his dance
as they all gathered ‘round.
Some laughed at Giraffe,
others just frowned.

Giraffe heard their laughter,
and saw one of the frowns.
He walked back to the tree,
and set Turtle down.

I’m sorry I’ve got you,
out of your beds.
But I have an IDEA,
to put in your heads.

“What is this idea?”
asked Pig through his snout.
He snorted and grunted,
revealing his doubt.












Giraffe took a breath.
then lifted his head.
He told his idea,
And here is what he said.

“I’ll build a machine,
with switches and levers.
I am quite sure,
The idea is clever.”

“The things it will do,
you might think can’t be done.
But once it is finished,
we’ll all have some fun.”

The beasts began to snicker,
Then laugh and guffaw.
“That’s not an idea” said Pig.
“That’s nothing at all.”

So Pig went away,
back to his bed.
Leaving Giraffe,
with a face glowing red.

Some of the animals,
those who were smart.
Stayed by the tree.
They were ready to start!

“I like your idea”
Said Cat all aglow
Your idea is great!
What does Pig know?”










“I believe” said Kitten.
“I really believe.
With all of us helping,
what can’t we achieve?”









So they all started working.
Each did their part.
Turtle laid it out,
Because she is so smart.

Giraffe stood up tall,
And saw what they’d done.
You do. You believe.
Now let’s have some fun.
“Don’t just stand there” said Giraffe,
“Everyone get in line.
As long as you dream,
Things will be fine.”

First came Lion,
With a long flowing mane.
“I need a haircut!”
“I’m going insane.”









“What about me?”
Asked Macaw
“My colors have faded,
That’s my only flaw.”









Then came Zebra
Even though she was late.
I’d like a tattoo,
That would be great!










So as they went in,
Giraffe turned some dials.
And as they came out,
They had big smiles!

Animals and beasts,
No one was loud.
Then came Pig,
pushing through the crowd.

“Perhaps some of you
Think I am mean.
But this here is nothing!
It’s not a machine.”

Up sauntered kitten,
Looking Pig in the eye.
“It’s wonderful” she purred,
“I’ll show you why.”

“I go in this hole
Right under these trees
I come out over there,
and I have no more fleas!”

“It’s the impossible-possibilator!
That’s what it is.
So step right on up,
And give it a whiz!”










Giraffe looked at Pig.
Pig stared right back
“You want me to try it?
Cut me some slack!”
Turtle walked over.
Tapped Pig on the toe.
“If you believe” she whispered,
“it will help you to grow.”

“So if I go in there,
And I have belief,
Something will happen?
You’ll feel relief?”

So Pig stepped up,
And waited in line.
Turtle and Giraffe smiled,
As they watched the swine.

When it was his turn,
Pig went into the machine.
When he came out,
His hooves were bright green!

“I believed!” exclaimed pig,
With a gleam in his eye.
“Everything that you told me,
It wasn’t a lie!”

“It’s okay to doubt.”
Turtle said with a smile.
“Everyone does it,
Once in awhile.”

“You have to believe” said giraffe.
“Just as I told you.
And if you believe,
what can’t you do!”

By Tom Wendt

Tom aka/The bearded man, is a father of 3 humans, 3 cats, a dog and a bunny, and suffers from extreme nursing envy. He runs “We are one homebirth Family”, a fledgling charity which helps pay for low income women’s home births and has a a new blog coming soon, “Wendt and gone crazy”, a story of a Stay At Home Dad.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this Margaux! Tonight for the first time I read it to my children and they liked it. A lot. So thank you for giving me the nudge to do that. “Fear is the mind killer”

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