Johnson and Johnson License Suspended by FDA

 Johnson and Johnson License Suspended by FDA

Back in 2007, it was reported that the Indian arm of the FDA issued an order to suspend Johnson & Johnson’s license when residues of carcinogenic substances were found in 15 batches of Johnson & Johnson baby powder.
It was discovered later on that the residue was found because the talcum powder was sterilized by the carcinogenic ingredient (and irritant) ethylene oxide.

A few years later (in 2011) in Canada, a news report was out about international coalition of health and environmental groups that warned Canadians that Johnson’s Baby Shampoo contains carcinogenic chemicals.

At the time, Johnson & Johnson Canada claimed that its products complies with Health Canada regulations.
















The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics released a report attacking Johnson & Johnson for it’s shampoo that contains dangerous chemicals, still used in Canada and other countries.

Formaldehyde releasing “Dioxane 1,4” and “quaternium-15” are the ingredients in question.   Many reports link formaldehyde to cancer.  These ingredients are on Health Canada’s list of contaminants banned or restricted in cosmetic products.

The report found also that quaternium-15 isn’t in the Johnson’s Baby Shampoo is sold in some places.
So why does it continue to be present in the product in other countries, (including Canada  and the US).

The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics is urging all consumers to boycott the company’s baby products until then.  A letter (see here:   )that was signed by about environmental groups, medical and more, urges Johnson and Johnson remove formaldehyde-releasing chemicals from all personal care products worldwide by Nov. 15.

“Clearly there is no need for Johnson & Johnson to expose babies to a known carcinogen when the company is already making safer alternatives,” says Lisa Archer, director of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics at the Breast Cancer Fund.


Their response

Johnson & Johnson responded by letting them know it is phasing out formaldehyde releasing preservatives from its baby products.  They did not give a time line.  Dioxane 1,4 is still found in the product, though they have reformulated about 70% of their products to undetectable amounts.

Back then, Johnson & Johnson was not willing give the amount of formaldehyde in it’s shampoo.  They claim it would reveal competitive information.














Fast-forward to recent news…

That same branch of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in India, has suspended the license of Johnson & Johnson.  The company cannot continue production.

The FDA found “unacceptable levels of ethylene oxide” which was being used to bring down microbes in the infant powder.
“In light of this (news)”, ways the FDA commissioner, we have suspended the license.

The reports say that this order will become effective 24 June.

I wonder if North America will follow suit?  These SAME ingredients are used here!


Help Families you know

Please, it’s really important to help families.
Any parents you know still using Johnson and Johnson products on their family, especially their babies, please let them know about this.  It’s often easier to forward them an article than it is to tell them ourselves.

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Boycott J & J

We boycott Johnson and Johnson for two main reasons.
1)  The toxins they still including in their products have been proven to be harmful to humans.  They are known carcinogens (cancer causing) an endocrine disruptors.

2) Johnson and Johnson also notoriously still test on animals.  In this day and age when other option are available (many companies are proving animal tests are unnecessary),  this practice should be considered ridiculous.


Until Johnson and Johnson completely reformulate their products, we will be urging people to boycott any of their products.  Including their Aveeno line.  Read about a recent law suit here: Are Aveeno products natural? A Johnson and Johnson lawsuit


Great news:
Johnson and Johnson has agreed to reformulate all of it’s baby products worldwide to remove cancer causing chemicals.
The bad news:
1) This won’t happen until 2015 and
2) “The commitment to remove chemicals of concern does not apply to Johnson & Johnson’s adult products such as those in the Aveeno or Neutrogena lines”

See statement here.  

*****In other Johnson and Johnson news:

On Wednesday, April 12, 2013, a judge in Arkansas fined Johnson & Johnson more than $1.1 billion.  (A jury found the companies liable on April 11th).
The reason?  For “downplaying and concealing risks associated with the antipsychotic drug “Risperdal”.   Janssen Pharmaceuticals Inc. is owned by Johnson and Johnson.

Dozens of lawsuits have been filed previously.  This ruling could affect all of those.
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