Living in the Tropics, The scary Trade off.  (Warning, graphic Scorpion content)

Living in the Tropics, The scary Trade off. (Warning, graphic Scorpion content)

It was a Tuesday not unlike any other here in paradise.
Birds chirping, monkeys howling, kids frolicking in the sun…
We had just returned from a near-by beach, one we hadn’t explored yet- and it was gorgeous.
After working all morning and while the kids napped, we took a break in the sun.







We arrived home, cooked supper, and cleaned up.

Then this happened.

I was in the kitchen by the cupboard making deodorant and tea.  And I felt it. A stink on my
ankle. I screamed, turn the big light on, and started looking for whatever it was that could have
stung me.  (For those of you who know me at all, you know how my relationships with insects, bugs, arachnids, arthropods, etc….I’m not a fan).
I didn’t see anything so I kept on tea-making.

Then it happened again. This time I wouldn’t rest until I found ‘it’. Um, I mean until Josh finds

Yes, I went outside screening like a maniac, begging my dear husband to help me (and grabbing the
We spent an hour looking.  Nothing.
In a country where getting stung is as common as being pooped on by pigeons in Paris France, I
knew I had to find it.

I couldn’t stop looking.   I would rest, I wouldn’t sleep until I found it…whatever it was.

I went to the other room and started unpacking (again) and noticed a damp cloth in our dark
Montreal Canadians hockey bag (please, no angry hockey fan jokes, lol)

Then, the thought hit me ‘a scorpion might be under there’. Because they love dark damp places.
Because I’m manifesting it, somehow. But as usual I made myself quickly think of something

It couldn’t be.
I unpacked a few things then lifted the damp cloth and there it was. A big black scorpion staring
me in the face.

What follows next is not something I’m proud of, but hear goes.   I can’t say that my family has
ever heard me scream like that before.
And, usually I am ‘crying wolf’ because of something I thought I saw.

As always, my husband calmly comes in with ‘that look’ on his
face.   That “wtf’ did she find this time” look.  An ant?   A beetle perhaps?

He dragged the duffle bag out, while I screamed “don’t let it bite you” over and over.

He shook it out and then, the look on HIS face changed quickly. It was priceless.   I wish I had a
camera to capture that look.
The caption would be something like  ”oh my God, she wasn’t kidding”.

It was a delicious moment for me. “Aha!!! You see?!? I’m not crazy. I was right, it IS a scorpion”

Although at this point I would have honestly preferred to be wrong.

He killed it. Yes, killed it.  My plant-based, animal and insect loving husband killed the scorpion.

Even though we had researched scorpions in Costa Rica and discovered that none of the 12
species of scorpions are deadly, it was the scariest thing I had ever experienced, to date.

As for my ankle?    Other than a little numbness in my foot and leg, it was fine.  Equivalent to a
bee sting.

My kind neighbour (who had who had certainly been glued to her window watching these unfortunate
series of events), kindly came over with rubbing alcohol, some lemon and charcoal pills.  She said “rub
this on and take these.  They help take out the poison”.

Believe it or not, I fell even more love with the people and the country, in spite of the crazy insects.
Scorpions and all.















Ps.  I purposely did NOT include photos of our scorpion.  Because, really, who wants to see that?

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