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Matt Ferris – Expert Healer, educator and detoxification speicalist


As a certified detoxification specialist Matt acknowledges the importance of understanding the root causes of illness and addressing those.  What is happening in the body, why, and how do we find remedy naturally while working towards vibrant health is his focus.

Matt has been passionately involved in natural health for several years. An avid student and researcher of natural healing, he credits early founders of the natural hygienic movement as his first introduction to unlocking the body’s natural healing potential as a means of overcoming serious illness. His education and research has led him to overcoming his own health issues as well as those of many others.

His approach is to guide individuals while empowering them with the keys to dynamic health. He is supporter and advocate of raw living foods and herbs. Matt enjoys organic gardening, discussing natural living and all things health related. He lives in Canaan Forks, New Brunswick with his wife Nicole.

To contact Matt directly, please send an email to: .

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