Mexico, here we come!

Mexico, here we come!

2 kids, 3 dogs, 8 bags and a partridge in a pear tree








Well, we’re off!   We left Fredericton at 5am for our 6am flight.  Our bodies are here,
at the airport, but our minds are still in bed….maybe it’s because of the 4 hour ‘sleep’
we got last night, or maybe it’s the fact that we’re FINALLY doing it.  We’re finally
moving to a land far, far away.  Mexico.
Are we ready?   Or a better question, is Mexico ready for us?

Are we crazy?  Perhaps.  But it’s more about seeking out another way of life for our
family.   Plus, this is unschooling / free schooling / travel schooling at it’s finest.

Please don’t get me wrong.  We LOVE Fredericton, NB.  We were both born in
Fredericton.  Our families are there.  Many of our dear friends are there.  Our children
were born there! (Olivia was even born in our cozy fire-heated home).  So, a part of our
heart will always remain there.

We chose to leave it all for another life.   For us (and I speak for our family), we
crave a simpler, less rushed, less stressed way of life.  Not to mention the winters.
Ah…the winters.
Leaving a province where massive dunes of snow adorn every single street corner
from December to May (yes, May), was easy…and not-so-easy. For those who think
we left without a single tear, I have news for you.  It is hard.

Moving from the very familiar, to the very unfamiliar, with your entire family is hard.


(Here is a sample of what we’ve left behind):











Maddox and Olivia love my grandparents cozy rocking chair.








Our fort indoors, by the fire.


































and more snow….









How we loved our bonfires!!



Update 1: Toronto airport
We are now in Toronto.  They’ve overbooked our flight to Houston, And the look on
our face right now must be priceless.  “Are you kidding me? you’re not going to do
*anything* about all 7 of us being stranded here, with no flight today, in ‘no-man’s
land’ (between air Canada booths and us customs) with absolutely no where to go?
United Airlines, will you take responsibility?  How about Air Canada, who cannot
even locate our luggage?

Look what we found posted below the counter that no one will honor:

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 11.17.11 AM







I need to stop writing, try to remain calm, bite my tongue and get us a hotel….

Update 2: Houston airport

We flew to Houston, and we’re staying the night.  What was supposed to be a full
day of travel has turned into 2 and a half…  I think when we arrive we may sleep
for a week.

Here we are.  Notice the children.  They’re beyond tired.  Josh was too upset to be photographed. unnamed-11 unnamed-12










The children are actually handling it MUCH better than we are.  No surprise. Josh and I
have totally had it with airlines and well, all people.

As for the dogs?  They’re so tired, they don’t even say a peep anymore.  We can’t wait to
let them roam free and pee/poo/bark anywhere they want.

Signed, One tired mama.

**if any of you are thinking of traveling to central america, follow along with our family!
I’ll be posting about our experiences and adventures.
Know anyone who’s thinking of moving to Costa Rica, Mexico, Nicaragua, etc?   They’ll
want to read what happens next, so, make sure to share!

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  1. Congrats…. So inspired by you following your path, Love you guys

  2. we are moving to Acapulco Mexico in two weeks . Driving at a leisurely speed- 4-5 days with some other people who are moving down too. ? Why did you guys not check out Acaapulco?

    • Margaux

      Hey Lisa!

      We thought about it. Did you research crime rate in that area at all? We heard it is high. I’m very curious to hear more about your adventures! Please keep me posted. Perhaps our families can visit each other :) Margaux

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