My husband ate poop.

mmm, is that butterscotch?


I’m sure every dad or mom knows the sweet smell and look of baby poo.  Am I right?
We’ve all had it on us at some point during the first and 12th month of our child’s life.

The other day, Josh, my husband and loving father to Maddox actually ate some.  Not on purpose, just kind of licked his hand forgetting he changed him an hour prior.

He probably thought it was mustard, or something else yellow…tumeric maybe?
Because that’s something we get on ourselves daily.  Not really.

Ahhh, life with a baby…

So, please tell me other dads or moms have done this?  No?   Ok, then, please pretend you have, just so my husband doesn’t feel lonely and a little embarrassed…  thank you.

It’s amazing how life has changed… for the better.
I used to spend time on myself, caring for the 3 amigos (aka our crazy chihuhuas), working on our company, cleaning the house, working on my computer, etc, etc.  …and I forget what else I used to do….because that changes quickly.









Everything else has become second (or third) on our list.  Baby is first.  Always, no matter what.

I feel this is how it SHOULD be.  I know this might come off as judgmental, we know many parents out there will say  ”we want to continue living and baby can accommodate and ‘fit in’”

I say, no.  WE, as parents and caregivers, must accommodate this perfect little being that was born into our lives.
We are raising a whole person.  Someone who will be contributing to the future society.  If that’s not important, I don’t know what is.

Some parents say “we still want our independence”.
Independence from what, an adorable, little child who NEEDS you?    Bull sh%*.

I talk about ‘attachment parenting’, and ‘continuum concept’, but I truly believe that even if those terms didn’t exist, we would have still followed by these “rules”.  (Or lack of rules, depending on how you look at it).  A book cannot teach us what we ALREADY KNOW.  We have it within us to parent instinctually, from the heart.

And that’s just it.  A NEW BORN, INFANT or even TODDLER shouldn’t really have rules.  It’s not natural to even try having a schedule for them.
If they fall into a schedule or routine on their own, great!  If not, we suck it up.

We hold Maddox constantly.  Yes, even now at 22lbs.   Pictures of my  new muscles coming soon.

Maddox nurses whenever he wants.
That is, whenever he’s hungry, he eats.  When he’s not hungry he doesn’t eat.
What a crazy and weird concept, right?  That’s insanity!   Eat when we are hungry?   NO WAY!

On that note the other day I was surfing the net and checking out charities.

I saw (yet another) picture of a child in a far away country…in the past, it didn’t seem real.  Now that we have a child of our own, it changed everything.
This time I saw this image and a real boy.  A really skinny, sad and malnourished little boy.   I closed my eyes and visualized myself going over to him and picking up his frail little body and just giving him milk.  Giving him life.  I have an abundance of it.

This could be Maddox.  This could be our son!

Why is Maddox so lucky to be born here, and this innocent child not so lucky?

I couldn’t take it anymore and have decided to do something about it…so, stay tuned, this year we are starting something different.

Back to the topic at hand.  Yes, Josh did eat poop.  This is a sign.  A sign that this is our life.  We now live and breathe (and even eat) raising our children and being there when they need us.

It really ticks me off (BIG TIME) when parents think having a child is no big deal or just part of life, and they can just get back into the swing of things of their old life shortly thereafter.  Life is never the same.  Parents need to realize this BEFORE having children.  For the sake of their children :)

We had work to do also.  It’s a constant struggle.  We changed our life around completely to be able to accommodate.    I’m going to be totally transparent and say that it hasn’t been easy – both financially and emotionally, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.  And neither would my husband.

I know most parents want the very best for their little ones.  They raise them the ‘best way they know how’.
Where did our intuition go?

When does “medical advice” trump common sense?  When does one “expert’s” opinion matter more than a mother’s intuition?   After all, isn’t the best expert THE MOTHER (or FATHER)?
Especially those who are committed to learning, growing and researching what is right for them and their family.

So, yes, we carry our child, we breastfeed on demand, he sleeps when he’s tired too (and stays with us, not  in a crib)…etc, etc, so we may be the “hippies” or “weird ones” on the block.
But guess what.  It’s already  making a huge difference in Maddox.   He is so aware of the world already.  (Read what I think our babies would say, if they could talk:  Hold me, hold me, I won’t be small forever.)

Anyway, I don’t want to ramble on.  I don’t feel I’m being judgmental of other parenting philosophies, I feel that we need to get back to the a slower, more thoughtful way of life with our children.
(Check out the article “Is my family lacking any nutrients?“)

I will say, we each have to do what’s best for our children.

It’s ok to QUESTION what we are told.
It’s ok to CHECK each ingredient we are injecting them with.
It’s ok to allow them to eat when they are hungry.
It’s ok to let them wake up at night as long as they need to and as long as they need US.
It’s ok to carry our baby or hold them tight when they cry.
It’s ok to sleep with them and run to them, even for the slightest whimper.
It’s ok.





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  1. You are are just a natural…love your philosophy as a parent and a.

  2. I love this post..Nana.

  3. This is a wonderful article. I look forward to parenting this way when I have children.

  4. You are amazing are just a natural…love your philosophy as a parent and your passion towards all children.

  5. admin

    Thanks so much! I learned so much from the best :)

    Margaux <3

  6. admin


    I’m so glad what I write is striking a cord with people who have children as well as those who don’t yet, but will one day.


  7. When changing a poopy diaper, don't let the baby stick his fingers in your mouth, because you don't always see where they have been – just ask Al.

  8. admin

    Lol, so true, Joan! Just ask Josh. Funny how this seems to be a trend with daddies :)

    Naturally Down To Earth Mommy

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