Pregnancy And Foot Pain: What You Should Know

Pregnancy And Foot Pain: What You Should Know


In addition to the discomforts, nausea, and pain that women usually endure during their pregnancy, foot pain is another issue that adds to these problems. The weight gain and balance shifts can take a good amount of toll on women’s feet and has the potential to cause conditions such as foot swelling and plantar fasciitis.


Why Feet Swell

Pregnant women tend to experience feet when the hormone, ironically called relaxin, is released. Relaxin causes ligaments to stretch and become lax which causes the foot to appear to be growing. This is why pregnant women often buy bigger shoe sizes during their pregnancy.

Water build up also causes feet to swell due to the fact that the body requires more fluid to provide to the baby, such as amniotic fluid. This is especially evident during the third trimester when the foot starts to spread significantly.

In addition to the hormones and water retention, weight gain is certainly a factor that changes your body’s natural balance and adds pressure to the feet resulting in pain and discomfort.


What is Plantar Fasciitis?

The plantar fascia’s main function is to provide foot support and allows the motion that enables people to walk. It is a thick tissue that stretches from the heel through the toes. The weight gain caused by the pregnancy puts significant pressure, which causes inflammation.

This condition causes a sharp pain in the heel and is most notable in the mornings or after a long period of sitting down. The pregnant woman’s feet will tend to swell and flatten and in some cases, the change on foot size and shape can become permanent.


Ways to Relieve Foot Pain

There are practical ways of relieving foot stress and pain. One of the most recommended tips given by doctors is for women to wear really comfortable shoes, specifically ones that provide arch protection from strains and shock absorption.

Many of them are available in the market already. Some gynecologists suggest which one suits which body type.

Keeping your feet elevated is effective in reducing foot swelling and can be done by simply resting your feet on a few piled up pillows. Regular stretching relieves stress and tightness and can be focused on your calf muscles and/or pulling your toes back with a towel.

Pregnant women can go through a lot of changes due to stress, anxiety and even lack of proper rest or sleep so it is important to be careful in whatever activity they do. They also undergo a lot of changes physically which renders their body easily susceptible to climatic changes and also change in the type of food intake can cause allergies or irritations. Consulting a professional podiatrist is a great way to get great safety tips and any information regarding foot pain so they can turn their focus more on their developing baby. Getting regular physiotherapy from experienced healthcare practitioners does help in many ways. It improves blood circulation and posture of the baby.

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