Raw Oatmeal

Many families like to enjoy oatmeal in the morning.
We are one of those families :)
oatmeal in bowl












Have you ever tried making it raw?  It’s so easy and so nutritious.



















Here’s the recipe we make and love:

~ 1 cup steel cut oats (soaked in water either overnight or for a couple of hours)***
~ 3 tsp raw honey (Click HERE to read 3 other better alternatives to sweetener your food)
~ hemp hearts seeds
~ 1 banana
~ chia seeds (soaked in water for 10 minutes, until they become gel)
~ cinnamon
~ diced apples
~ raisins

Mix first 6 ingredients together, then add apples and raisins (or what ever fruit you’d like!)

This raw oatmeal is loaded with nutrients and will give you a super healthy start to your day!


















Other optional ingredient ideas:
– unsweetened coconut flakes
– peaches
– raspberries
– blueberries
– avocado
– etc.


Naturally Down To Earth

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