Sunscreen Can Be More Deadly Than The Sun Itself

Sunscreen Can Be More Deadly Than The Sun Itself

Wearing Sunscreen

Like I said in a previous article, I am going to challenge some things that we’ve believed for far too long.   Wearing sunscreen will be one of those things.  It’s perhaps one of the more controversial topics I’ve discussed (but perhaps not as controversial as this topic ) It’s time!  There is a revolution happening right now.

A revolution that will force companies to properly label their products. A revolution that will force these companies to remove toxic ingredients that are killing our children! A revolution that will bring us all “naturally down to earth” and live the healthy and abundant lives we were intended to live…. But it must start with you!


Ok, back to the topic at hand…sunscreen.

Here goes:  I believe we don’t need sunscreen at all :)
*Read more on this here:  Less Sun…More Cancer and here Avoid THIS ingredient in sunscreen *
Yes, you read that correctly. Did you know that the right amount of sun exposure can actually prevent burning? The sun is a ‘sunscreen‘ in itself :) If you gradually get a tan, that’s often all you need to protect yourself from the harmful effects of the sun. Vitamin D is one of the best things you can get into your body.   Especially natural Vitamin D from the sun. Its great for your teeth, bone heath, immune system and so much more. A fair person needs much less exposure to get an adequate intake of vitamin D.  A darker person needs more exposure.

Wearing Sunscreen blocks the production of Vitamin D.

In the wintertime, (especially here in Canada, brrr!)  it’s a smart decision to consume LOTS of foods with natural vitamin D or take a supplement.  You can get vitamin D from meat, dairy AND non meat, non-dairy sources, such as mushrooms. A quick fact about Mushrooms: Did you know that mushrooms can provide a huge amount of needed vitamin D, especially if you stick them in the sun before eating them?  (See sources for a study). sunlight-chart

For vitamin D supplements I take the the “RAW” (vitamin code) brand when I need it.  I’ve also gotten it from Fermented cod liver oil. Why has our culture feared the sun for so long? I believe a lot of it has to to with the media and advertisements by companies who sell sunscreens.  They are all telling us we need to be wearing sunscreen.  And the cancer society?  Don’t get me started. “Better lather up!  Lest you get BURNED….and CANCER…”.   Talk about propaganda! Why then, have cancer rates GONE UP, ever since we, as society have been wearing sunscreen more and more every year? Cancer rates have been increasing, NOT decreasing. Let me share with you WHY sunscreen could actually be giving us cancer (not preventing it:) Synthetic sunscreens are TOXIC.  They have many carcinogenic ingredients. Here are some ingredients to watch out for in your sunscreens:

  • – sodium laurel sulfate
  • – sodium laureth sulfate
  • – ANY parabens
  • – propylene glycol
  • – phthalates
  • – PEG’s
  • – oxybenzones ***
  • – sulisobenzone
  • – dioxybenzone
  • –trolamine salicylate
  • – di-oxanes
  • – Octyl methoxycinnamate (OMC)
  • – Retinol palmitate  (this ingredient actually speeds up the carcinogenic effect of UV rays) — disodium EDTA
  • – and more…

Both “zinc oxide” and “titanium dioxide” are found in some natural sunscreens on the market, they do reflect UV rays and are less dangerous (if at all). They don’t absorb as much as the toxic ingredients above.  Just make sure they are not “nano” zinc or titanium. There is still lots to be researched on nanotechnology.  Many scientist fear it.  Perhaps for good reason. While I am not a fan of sunscreen, I am NOT suggesting you sit out and bake for as long as your heart desires. I’m saying practice safe tanning (or playing) outside.

Limit your exposure and if you will be wearing sunscreen, CHOOSE A NATURAL ONE!

Here are some things you can do that involve not wearing sunscreen:
– wear a rimmed hat
– use an umbrella
– wear long sleeve, preferably organic cotton or linen and light in color
– limit your exposure

Josh, Maddox and I LOVE being outside and in the sun. If you’re like us, then you might want some natural sunscreen suggestions, right? My all-time favorite choices are oil.  Nothing more than that.

Here are some good ones to try.  I’ve included it’s estimated SPF value next to each of them:
– Carrot Seed Oil.  SPF 35-40
– Raspberry Seed Oil.  SPF 25-50
– Avocado oil.  SPF of up to 15
– Almond oil.  SPF 8
– Olive oil.  SPF 5-8
–  100% extra virgin coconut oil   SPF 2-8

**Most of these above require a carrier oil.  I would even use almond or avocado oil with a few drops of one of the others (i.e. carrot seed) Coconut oil is one of our favorite carrier oils.

There are many, many great benefits of coconut oil.  It’s such a wonderful product! (see source) It goes on so well, smells fantastic (very light) and it’s also amazing for the skin. My uses for coconut oil :
– baking
– on breads and other things as a spread (instead of butter)
– moisturizer
– massage lotion


I’ve even had very fair skinned people tell me how much they love using oils for sunscreen. If you’re looking for something else that’s natural in terms of sunscreen, here are some that many recommend (but I must admit have not tried):

  • – Badger kids sunscreen
  • – TruKid Sunny Days Everyday Mineral Sunscreen.
  • Keys Solar Therapeutic Sunblockwearing sunscreen  (the only thing we DON’t like about this one is the ‘nano’ zinc oxide…not much is yet known about nano technology and I’m not convinced).
Here are some I have tried but am still researching others.:
  • Dr. Mercola’s Natural sunscreen
  • Green Beaver (made in Canada)
  • Devita (a little pricey but great)
  • Soleo organics
  • …and, of course, you could make your own. We will be experimenting with a carrot seed oil and coconut oil base sunscreen, we’ll keep you posted!

You don’t need to spend a fortune
. As I said, I feel it’s best to let the sun slowly give you a base tan so you don’t burn as easily. wearing sunscreen                 As long as you’re NOT BURNING your skin. Burning is a sign of DNA damage and can likely lead to skin problem or melanoma. Remember, everything is absorbed through our skin.  So wearing sunscreen that is TOXIC is more deadly than the sun!  (This is a huge reason to go completely organic and / or natural when it comes to skin products). The ingredients in sunscreen can leach toxins into your body.




It has never been proven that sunscreens protect against melanoma.

Wait a minute, isn’t that the main reason doctors tell us to wear sunscreen? What a crazy world.   It all seems backwards sometime, doesn’t it? If this topic interests you, read this also:  Study finds THIS inside our breast tissue… How about you?  Have you used alternatives to sunscreen in the past? What are you currently using and are you open to trying something more natural? Do you recommend a certain kind / brand? Don’t just read these posts yourself.  Read, share the message and ask your friends to read. It’s important to reach out to as many people and friends as we can, to spread this message of toxic free living. This message about wearing sunscreen is especially important to share, it can have the reverse effect people want. Imagine if more people started living like this (starting with wearing sunscreen).

What a wonderful world we would live in. Winning this fight against these companies is now in your hands.  We believe important info like this needs to be SHARED.
After all, don’t we all just want to ENJOY the sun and the nice weather without worry? Family playing in the sea













We are in this together :)

Written with your family in mind, Naturally down to earth. 
Make sure to read this popular article:   Less Sun…More Cancer
Find out what we use for an all natural deodorant that WORKS, click HERE.  (

source 1: Sobhana, T., et al. Ultraviolet transmission through a few edible oils in the context of changing solar insolation. J Ind Geophys Union 2004;8:267-271. source 2:–sun-eat-them.html

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Founder and Co-owner at Naturally Down To Earth
Margaux is an alternative health and toxin free living advocate, activist, mother, Doula and consultant for stay at home mothers wanting to create their own companies. She's the founder of "The Best Deodorant In The World ( an all natural deodorant that will be featured at the Golden Globes. Her articles have become a wealth of knowledge for many people around the globe.


  1. Thanks for this Margaux.
    I was never a user of sunscreen but my fair -skinned children have had their fair share of sunscreen applications over the years. Glad to get some suggestions for healthy, organic lotion. choices.

  2. admin

    So glad this is helping :) It always amazes me, all the things we thought were true…are really the complete opposite. Just like this topic…sunscreen causing cancer? Who ever thought! haha. Anti-bacterial soap more harmful than germs? Or the fact that “fat” helps us loose weight…NOT gain weight :)

    Thanks for your comment!

  3. Well My Dear Margaux,
    Its very very true, I always knew this fact and practice it especially me the type lover of the sun. I use the one based on carrot, so As for advice also you could suggesrt to have a drink or a cup of squeezed carrot before exposing to the sun.First its natural and second contains vitamins naturally and give a nice tan or use sun tanning based on carrots.

    • admin

      Thanks, Mirna! What a great tip :) I love the sun…isn’t it good to know that a little sun actually PREVENTS cancer ? :)

  4. admin

    Hi Mirna!

    Thanks so much for these great tips :) I love the sun (just like you, haha). If we tan safely we can live much healthier! The sun really does prevent cancer :)


  5. I have been using coconut oil for cooking for a few years, but had no idea it could be used for all these other purposes. Thanks

  6. Good to know as the weather gets warmer!
    Thank you for this post!! Actually, thank you for ALL of your posts. Brian and I treated our bodies like garbage cans for years and years and never thought too hard about it until I became pregnant with our son, Theo. Now we want better for ourselves, better for him, and better for the world. One step at a time can make all the difference!

    • Margaux

      You are exactly right, Tia. One step at a time and getting better each day. We’re so glad there are people out there striving to do better for themselves and their family. Congrats to you and thank you!
      Naturally Down To Earth mom

  7. I had not idea, i’m glad i read this article

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