Have you ever had a nerve of one or more of your teeth become irritated then infected?

Have you stubbed your toe?   Well, it’s absolutely nothing like that….(except for the time I actually ripped my toenail off, that pain is comparable :))

If you’ve had an abscess, you know the pain…it’s definitely not fun.

Toothaches can be a result of many things…. tooth decay, injury to the mouth,  recent dental work, tooth infection, getting punched in the face, incompetent dentist, chewing a Willy Wonka jawbreaker, you know, the usual…

I used to take antibiotics.  And lots of them.

Our doctors and dentists would prescribe antibiotics for any small or suspicious thing…especially detection of infection.  Any infection.  No matter what.  Even if they were unsure it’s an infection.

Get my point?  They were quick to prescribe antibiotics.

I believe antibiotics are one of the many medical treatments destroying our wellbeing and keeping us as far as possible from true health.

Over the last few years, as you know, I have helped myself, my family and many others become toxic free.  That means, living a toxic free life.  It wasn’t always easy…but it’s so worth it.

Ask Josh, my husband.

He lived with me (and is still with me, ha!) through all the crazy late nights researching and staying up in disbelief.

I even had him set up 2 sets of cribs and change tables until I found a 3rd non-toxic one.   (We will be posting the videos at a later date).

I have become passionate about reading labels, and seeking the TRUTH and the simple life.

I have become obsessed, if you will, about seeking out alternatives to toxic medicine.

You can probably see why I started Naturally Down To Earth now… I am super passionate about this and help you.

I believe medicine has a time and place.

Very rarely do we need any medicine (I mean pharmaceuticals) at all.  Fresh air, sun, rest and lots of nutrition (real food) is all we need.

In fact, my family rarely goes to a doctor.  Well, Josh was never a fan of doctors.  Even when he sliced his knee open, or dislocated his shoulder, tore all 3 tendons off with a grade 3 AC separation, even THEN, he didn’t go to a doctor.   Are all men like this?

I, on the other hand, used to create so much drama, and even a small paper cut would send me rushing to emergency.

Well, not anymore.  I understand health.  I understand that if we keep our bodies and immune system optimally functioning, we will stay healthy.

Luckily, tooth pain and infections can usually be relieved naturally.  I have had lots of success doing what I am about to share with you.

First, here are some items that you should have on hand.  You will need these for the home remedies (and others):

– oil of oregano
– colloidal silver  (you can purchase this at most health food stores)
– himalayan or sea salt
– ginger root
– clove essential oil
– ice pack

For an abscess or infection:
1) Take many drops of oil of oregano, under tongue.  Also, rub on gums.
2) swish with colloidal silver every hour for a day
3) each time, spit out silver (after swishing with oil of oregano)

– take additional colloidal silver and swallow (between 5 and 8 ounces a day)
– During this, you can also rub colloidal silver into gum and around tooth.
– In between hourly silver swishes, take (sea or himalayan) salt water (warm) and swish in mouth.








In between hourly silver and oregano swishes:

– Put two teaspoons of sea or himalayan salt in a cup.

– Pour a small amount of boiling water on the salt to dissolve it and then

– Fill the cup with a little cool water to make the solution warm (not hot).

– Rinse your mouth really well, using all the salt water.

– Do this at least twice a day (the more often the better).

– If this does not work at first, try increasing the amount of salt.


Another great remedy:

– ginger root.

– Cut off a small piece and take of the skin.

– Put the piece on top of the painful tooth

– Bite down on it.

– Keep the rest of the ginger in the fridge

– Replace the piece in your mouth as needed.


Yet another one!

– Purchase some clove essential oil (Syzygium aromaticum).

– There is a natural chemical in clove that numbs pain and kills bacteria.

– Soak an organic cotton ball with the oil

– Wipe on your gums and tooth.

– Repeat every couple of hours


For a regular tooth ache, try a cold pack!  :)
Or bite/chew on something really cold.

Even if you wet a face cloth and put it in the freezer (this is what I do for our teething 6 month old son).
The cold numbs the gums and gives some relief.

Supplements that I have used to clear up infection are:

– olive leaf extract
– bromelain.
– garlic
– grapefruit seed extract

You can take garlic in supplement form and also consume lots of it in food!   It’s so great for our health.








If the abscess, infection or tooth ache persists, try to locate a holistic dentist in your area.
If you cannot find one, go to any dentist that can help :)

Or, when all else fails, have your husband (or wife) tie a string to a door knob and your tooth…..and you know the rest :)

Living toxic free has changed our  life.  
SHARE this and other important articles.   Help us tell the world.  Anyone can be living toxic free.  It’s just about learning how.

Naturally Down to Earth mom


  1. Leanne Cochrane

    Love this- surprised I didn't read apple cider vinegar on your list….it's such a great remedy for so many things :) is a great site I use for ailments and illness. Thanks again for passing on your knowledge :)

  2. Thanks for the great info! I’m currently dealing with a tooth infection that has caused a small gumboil which thankfully isn’t too painful. I’ve seen a dentist and endodontist who feel there’s a deeper issue and possible fracture but nothing shows up on the x-ray so it’s an indeterminate diagnosis. I reluctantly went on penicillin to no avail so now I’m experimenting with natural remedies. Just started the colloidal silver/oil of oregano rinses and wondering how long it might take to see some improvement. Is it days, weeks? Thanks again for a great blog! Andrea

    • Andrea, with any natural treatments, it might take days or weeks. They ideas to try out different things, and be patient. I’ve had lots of success with oregano and clove, and also a plant called ‘plantain’. Let me know if I can help :)

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