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How ONE Word Could Save Your Child’s Life.

Wow, this is scary!

How Could ONE Word Save Your Child's Life? - naturally down to earth

Recently, in Roland Iowa, a young boy was approached by a man driving a red pickup truck.  As the man rolled down his window he told the boy that his mother had asked him to come pick him up.

The young boy found this odd considering he didn’t know the man and he only lived one block away (it usually happens not far from home!)

This is where ONE word saved this boy from harm… or worse.

He said to the creep driving the truck, “what is the password?”

You see, the boy and his mother came up with a “password” concept to protect her children.  She told them that if anyone they didn’t know tells them to do anything, they should ask that person for the password.  If he or she  doesn’t know it, they need to run away and find help immediately.

The moment the boy asked the man that question, he got spooked and the boy saw it in his eyes.  He immediately ran off looking for help and the truck drove away.

Please take 5 minutes tonight and setup a ‘password’ with your children so if something like this happens, they can be protected.

Other parents in town, and Roland’s Mayor Fritz, know a password is an effective way to keep kids safe.

Be safe and remember to tell your kids how much you love them.

~ Joshua
Naturally Down To Earth Dad
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