Margaux Khoury

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Margaux Khoury

Margaux is an alternative health advocate, activist, amazing mother, toxin free living specialist, Doula and mompreneur consultant.

Having done extensive research on alternative lifestyles, human psychology and nutrition, her articles have become a wealth of knowledge for many people around the globe.

A large part of what she does is focused on helping expecting mothers through:
– pregnancy,
– natural labor,
– natural infant hygiene (or “elimination communication”)
– gentle parenting approaches.

She helps and coaches mothers create a toxic free environment from conception to delivery and beyond.   The goal is a wonderful pregnancy and a smooth, empowering delivery.

Having gone through natural childbirth and breastfeeding as a vegetarian mom, Margaux offers unique perspective on what it means to raise healthy children in today’s world.

She is highly versed in subjects dealing with children’s well being, including the birth process, vaccination, breastfeeding, circumcision, and various other topics including how create a successful company while being a stay at home mom.  She has started a movement through “unstoppable mompreneurs”.
She is passionate about creating a great future of all of our children.  Margaux and her husband have been committed to attachment parenting since their child was born.

She lives with her husband Josh, their son Maddox and 3 chihuahuas in New Brunswick, Canada during the summers and down south for their winters.

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