Nicole Ferris


Nicole Ferris

Nicole has a passion for living a healthy lifestyle and has been interested in natural health and wholefoods for several years. Transitioning from SAD (Standard American diet), she has experience ranging from a healthy, wholefoods diet to a raw vegan lifestyle. She finds an optimal sense of health and well-being with a high-raw, vegan diet which she has enjoyed for the past three years. During her journey into health she has gained a greater amount of energy and attained her ideal body weight naturally. She has also eliminated several health-related issues including regular allergies and the need for eye glasses.

She loves helping people lose weight, gain health and basically feel better.  Through a combination of whole foods, smoothies, juicing, and raw foods through specialized meal prep, she doesn’t want anyone to have to eat something they do not enjoy.  Nicole offers a lot of guidance with recipes.  Nicole can help you create a meal plan using foods you enjoy (and some new ones too).






Her capacity for creating exciting flavors using wholefoods and herbs is a skill uncommonly matched and can leave the biggest fast food junkie very satisfied!  She takes pride in her ability to help others discover fresh meal ideas and implement healthy lifestyle recommendations.   And she created some pretty amazing and delicious desserts too!

Nicole’s own diet is predominantly greens such as kale, spinach, herbs etc. made into large green salads or smoothies, fresh juices, and a very large variety of fruit with melons and berries being her favs.[/vc_column_text]

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